Meat Crisps - Carnivore Crisps - Keto Crisps , 85% Protein , 6 bags x 25g - Low Carb

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Brand: Protermars

Our air dried meat snacks are made from all-natural ingredients, low fat and in a simple process that yields a snack in the purest form, also is free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We keep it simple to celebrate the natural meat flavour. To obtain 100 grams of snacks, we use about 400 grams of meat .The healthiest foods are those that have undergone a limited processing, our snacks are 100% natural and very rich in protein. Can be consumed at any time of the day and if you want to include them in your daily diet, along with sports, it will definitely help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

- Right For Everyone

- Great For Parties

- Suitable For Active People

- Ideal Snack On The Go

- Proper for Adventure

-Keto Diet

Contains : 2 Bags Crispy Chicken Snacks ~ 2 Bags Crispy Pork Snacks ~ 2 Bags Crispy Beef Snacks

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