100% Air Dried Lean Meat
85% Protein
Low Carb
No Allergens
Gluten Free
No Added Sugar
Low Fat
Keto and Carnivore Friendly
Biodegradable Packaging

Why is protein good for you?



Overcooking  the meat can result in the loss of nutrients and the formation of harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is recommended to choose healthy preparation methods such as steaming or air drying.

 Our meat powder is 100% dehydrated. Boiling has the disadvantage that it destroys enzymes that the body absolutely needs, reduces the concentration of vitamins, and proteins lose about a third of their nutritional value.




Preparation Method


Obtaining air-dried meat powder requires a complex process. By drying, the meat does not lose its properties, therefore to obtain a quality product the meat must be dried at high temperatures to be able to destroy the bacteria.

In order to be able to reach the percentage of over 80% protein, it is necessary that the meat is sliced very thin, to obtain 1 kg of powder/flour  we air drying 4.5 kg of fresh meat.

Our  meat powder doesn’t contain any preservatives, additives or added sugar. We only use salt for preservation.

Health Benefits


Increasing your protein intake can provide many health benefits, including weight loss, better body composition, improved blood sugar control.

Incorporating a high protein intake from consuming baked buns, muffins, bread, etc using our meat powder/flour has anabolic effects, meaning that it helps with building muscle , eating  protein can help build or maintain your existing muscle mass especially if you exercise.



Proteins are found in every cell of the body and are needed for many of the important functions that make our body work properly. The body can produce only a limited number of amino acids necessary for the production of proteins. There are twenty two amino acids that come together in different ways to create different proteins. Thirteen of these amino acids are created by the body and are not essential, and nine are essential and must be assimilated by eating the right foods.

The proteins found in the meat powder are complete proteins, meaning they provide all nine essential amino acids our body needs. Proteins have the role of building, maintaining and replacing tissues in the body and are found in organs, glands and even in the immune system.

Air dried meat powder is amazingly versatile and a great way of getting protein and flavour into many meals. It’s great for diabetics , for people following certain lifestyles like Keto or Carnivore Diet and also it’s an amazing source of protein for active people or for any outdoor trips.

The meat powder can be used for baking high protein buns , carnivore bread , keto pizza base, also it’s fabulous as a condiment and can be added to so many dishes like boiled eggs or omelettes, sprinkled on avocado toast with crumbled feta cheese, jacket potatoes, pasta, salads, oven baked cauliflower cheese , grilled vegetables, or to create the perfect dip just add the meat powder to cream cheese.

Recommended daily protein intake for average-weight adults is 0.75g of protein per kg bodyweight.

To get 100g of meat powder, we air dry 450g of fresh lean meat.

Our air dried meat powder contains more than 84% protein.

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