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Each individual is the first and most important doctor of his own body. Our body is a complex engine, and its food is fuel. On the quality of this fuel depends, in the medium and long term, its correct operation. A healthy diet is a source of energy and a balancing factor for the body and mind!

Why Air Dried Meat ?

The human body cannot produce nine of the twenty-two existing amino acids, so they are considered essential and therefore we must obtain these amino acids from food. The proteins found in the meat are complete proteins, meaning they provide all nine essential amino acids our body needs. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is finding a diet and set of foods that help you achieve your goals. Our air dried meat is made from all-natural ingredients, fat-free and in a simple handmade process that yields a snack in the purest form, also is free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We keep it simple to celebrate the natural meat flavour. 

• A rich source of natural proteins
• Minimum amount of fats and carbohydrates
• Gives you the energy you need throughout the day
• Ideal snacks between meals
• Requires a minimum storage space
• Have a long shelf life
• Prepared from the best quality meat
• To prepare 100 grams of snacks, we use about 400 grams of fresh meat
• 100 grams serving has over 85 grams of protein
• The meat is air dried in perfect conditions
• Do not contain any preservatives
• Great for diabetics and Keto diet










Great For Keto Diet and Carnivore Recipes