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Air dried chicken powder-250g is amazingly versatile and a great way of getting protein and flavour into many meals. It’s great for diabetics , for people following certain lifestyles like Keto or Carnivore Diet and also it’s an amazing source of protein for active people or for any outdoor trips. The chicken powder can be easily incorporated in children and elderly people's meals as a great source of protein.

The meat powder can be used as a base for soups and broths, also it’s fabulous as a condiment and can be added to so many dishes like boiled eggs or omelettes, sprinkled on avocado toast with crumbled feta cheese, jacket potatoes, pasta, salads, oven baked cauliflower cheese , grilled vegetables, or to create the perfect dip just add the meat powder to cream cheese.
Recommended daily protein intake for average-weight adults is 0.75g of protein per kg bodyweight.
To get 100g of meat powder, we air dry 450g of fresh lean meat.

Air dried meat powder contains more than 84% protein.

Air Dried Crispy Chicken Snacks - 6 bags - 100% Chicken Breast Fillet

No Allergens ,

Low Carb ,

100% Lean Meat,

High Protein ,

Gluten Free ,

No Preservatives ,

No Added Sugar

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