Meat Powder , Beef Powder , High Protein Powder , Carnivore Flour

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Brand: Protermars
Price per unit: £25.99
Units in product: 250g

The Air dried meat powder is amazingly versatile and a great way of getting protein and flavour into many dishes. It’s great for people following certain lifestyles like Keto , Paleo or Carnivore Diet and also an amazing source of protein for active people or for any outdoor trips. The beef top side powder can be easily incorporated in daily meals as a great source of protein. Can also be used in cooking easy recipes like: meat bread or meat buns, pemmican , high protein smoothies and base for Carnivore Pizza.

84.8 % Protein

No Added Sugar

No Allergens

Gluten Free

Low Carb

Long Shelf Life

Made In UK

Net Content: 250g

Biodegradable Packaging

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