Chicken Powder - High Protein - No Sugar - 100% Chicken Fillets - Air Dried Meat Powder

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The chicken fillet powder is rich in taste and may be used as material for chicken bouillon, chicken seasoning, biscuit, instant noodles, puffing food, nutritious food and meat product. The powder is made from our air dried crispy chicken snacks. 250g per jar.

Made in UK.

To prepare 100 grams of chicken powder , we use about 500 grams of fresh meat.

  • 100% Real Meat,
  • No Sugar,
  • Low Fat,
  • 85% Protein,
  • Gluten Free,
  • No Preservatives,
  • No Chemical Ingredients,
  • Ready to Eat,
  • Air Dried Meat,
  • No Allergens,
  • Slightly Salted.


Chicken Fillets, Salt

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